Day 50 – Rodeiro to Lalin Videos

by | May 13, 2023 | Camino Invierno to Santiago, Journey, Videos | 2 comments

This was about 22 kilometres from Rodeiro into Lalin. No big hills to climb it was fairly undulating today. A few sort of 50 metre climbs here and there, some back roads, a lot of road walking and for some reason I just really lacked energy today. So, it took me a lot longer than I planned, but I still managed to get to Lalin in time for some lunch. The accommodation, which is the hotel restaurant Pontiñas, which again, seems to be very good. It has a really nice private room and has a big dining room, and all the facilities you could want. It is out the far side of town, so, in the evening I had to walk back into town. It is about 700 metres to go and get my laundry done and do some shopping for tomorrow.

The walk itself was fairly good. There were some nice views. There were no services all along the way. There was a fount highlighted in the guidebooks, but I didn’t try it because it wasn’t marked as potable. I did have enough water with me, so I wasn’t too worried about that. But again, another good day on the Camino, and it was day 50. I didn’t realise there’s only three more days to get into Santiago. So, I think my feet will be very pleased when this is over and they can have a rest.

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  1. Dave

    When you were considering at one point what the weather was going to do, I wondered what weather app you were using. I use the Spanish government site which gives realtime and forecast weather for any locality in Spain.

    • Rob

      Haven’t tried that one, but have used many others.

      This time I have just used that is installed on my phone’s home screen. So wherever I am, it shows the ‘local’ weather.


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