Day 51 – Lalin to Bandeira Videos

by | May 14, 2023 | Camino Invierno to Santiago, Journey, Videos | 0 comments

A very pleasant walk of 21 kilometres from Lalin to Bandeira. Today was interesting because the two caminos merge, that is the Camino Invierno, that I’ve been walking on, and the Camino Sanabres. On the Camino Sanabres you get a lot of people who have been walking from Seville on the Via de la Plata, but also it’s a popular Camino in its own right with a lot of people starting in Ourense. So, when the two caminos merged at A Laxe it was immediately noticeable that there were more pilgrims on the path and I think I must have met 10 in the first couple of hours, which was very pleasant because I think I’ve really only seen one pilgrim in the last week. So, that’s a pleasant walk, undulating up and down a mix of road walking and paths through the woods and rocky paths down between pastures, but altogether very pleasant. The weather was great. And arriving in Bandeira, I found that it was market day. So, the place is packed. There’s a big market going on and all the restaurants are full. It’s got a real buzz about the town. So, I was very lucky that the small hotel that I’m staying in has a very good restaurant downstairs, and I was able to eat there before getting the laundry done and having a siesta. Two more days to go until Santiago.

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