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2023 Camino

Day 1, Leaving Seville on the Via de la Plata.
Day 36, Three days on the Camino Frances.
Day 40, 1st Day on Camino Invierno.
Day 55, 1st Day on the Camino Finisterre.

This site was originally intended for a small circle of family and friends to follow my ‘first’ journey in 2015. But it kind of grew 🙂 And I have added later Caminos, 2016, 2018 and 2023 to the site.  Latest 2023 Blog

So if you have any interest in the Camino de Santiago by all means enjoy the content and comment, you are most welcome.

It turned out to be a bit more than just a simple Blog for that first Camino….. Hundreds of videos, pictures and transcripts of my first 40 day journey in 2015. I made sure to include everything, so it touches on three key elements of the Camino: The Physical, the Emotional and the Spiritual.

You can jump to the very first Blog Post on Camino #1 in 2015 here: Why walk the Camino de Santiago?

And I have added tabs at the top for the Caminos after that one…Camino Frances in 2016 and 2018, and in 2023, Via de la Plata, Camino Invierno and Camino Fisterra.

My name is Rob. I’m a middle aged, unfit and overweight businessman who decided having watched the movie ‘The Way’ starring Martin Sheen, that it was time to get off his butt and walk…….. 790 kms….  In 2015 I planned to follow millions of pilgrims over the ages, and walk the Camino de Santiago using the Frances route.

I started in Southern France in St Jean Pied de Port and with luck and a tail wind, planned to reach Santiago de Compostela some 6 weeks later. Yes 6 weeks. (42 days) Many people take 33-35 days for this walk, but I allowed myself 45 days… Time to smell the Roses. (and recover from training injuries. a long story)

This walk had been 18 months in the planning, and I’d like to thank a number of people for getting me to the start point!

First of all my wife Pat for agreeing to live without me for 6 weeks. We don’t like to be apart. Thank You.

My business partners for holding the fort! It’s not many business owners who can totally ‘unplug’ for 2 months…

A fantastic forum run by Ivar: Camino de Santiago Community, where a great community of members helped me learn and prepare.

And the medical team that got me on my way. (Yes, I had a few training injuries) Priya my Doctor, Alex and Pete my Physios at Parra Physio, Andrew my Podiatrist, and the list goes on! I will try to follow your advice….. And hey, people over 80 walk the Camino, and people with disabilities do it too. A few minor injuries shouldn’t stop me…. I hope.

Note… Finally, please note that these blogs record our own journeys along the Camino. Everyone’s Camino is different.

Should you decide to undertake this journey yourself, results may vary….. 😨


And Did I “Find” Santiago?

Yes I did, but you’ll need to read the blog to see how it all unfolded 🙂

You can jump to the very first Blog Post here. Why walk the Camino de Santiago?


I added a tab for 2016. My wife Pat joined me for a short ‘taster’ Camino from Sarria, with a short section over the Cruz de Ferro as a warm up.

And also 2018 tab when we both walked from St Jean to Santiago…

Then in 2023, I walked alone again, 1,200 kms over 60 days, along the Via de la Plata, Camino Invierno and Camino Fisterra.

YouTube Channel.   You might find my youtube channel of interest, particularly if you are planning your first Camino.  It’s the same name.  RobsCamino

Camino ‘Stories’ you might enjoy. 

My Camino de Santiago Blog that I maintain between Caminos.