Day 58 – O Logoso to Corcubion Videos

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Another short day – 15.7 kilometres. In fact, it turned out to be eighteen. My biggest concern today was keeping my knees in one piece to make sure that not only could I get to Fisterra, but also then a fairly long day to finish in Muxia the following day. So, there was a little bit of a climb up to Hospital after having a really good breakfast in O Logoso. It was just a short climb of a kilometre and a half up to Hospital. I decided to have another break just to make sure that my knees were okay and the breakfast in O Logoso was really just toast and jam. I always find I need a bit of protein to keep me going through the day; so, I had another coffee and an omelet at Hospital.

Then the day took off into the countryside. Really nice tracks for all the rest of the day. There were beautiful views, lots of wind farms, views down into the local river into the nearby River Valley. Then, of course, the challenge for the day was a very steep descent of 200 to 300 metres coming down into Cee.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected, and I made sure I strapped up both knees tight. I took a lot of care coming down and I came down without too much pain, which was great. I arrived in Cee fairly early, and although I had planned to stay in Cee, once I saw the place it did not look that inviting. There weren’t a lot of places to eat. It was very much a sort of residential area, and so I thought I’d continue on to Corcubion, which is just a couple of kilometres further on. I had a look on to see what accommodation looked nice and then just basically turned up at 1:00 and said do you have a room? And I found a very nice place to stay. I think it was a great decision because in Corcubion, not very far from where I’m staying, I found a restaurant called San Martin, which served delightful seafood. That was my lunch with lots of wine followed by a siesta. Another great day and resting up, recharging for the final day into Fisterra tomorrow.

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