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Day 5 on the Camino Finisterre / Fisterra. (Day 59 of my journey)

Today was Corcubion to Finisterre (Fisterra in the local language). Not a huge day. Another short day of only about 11 kilometres into Fisterra and then it was a 6 kilometre round trip up to the lighthouse. I have to say the walk to Fisterra was really good. I was a little bit concerned about the hills, with my bad knees, but everything was fine and the views were spectacular, particularly as I got to within a few kilometres of Fisterra and there were the ocean views and the beaches.

Then there was glimpses of the lighthouse, there was a couple of places to stop along the way which was really nice; cafes near the beach. As I got close to Fisterra, I decided to actually walk along the beach and that was awesome. I have to say that final walk 2-3 k’s along the beach really made the day for me. It was a wonderful place to walk and if you know the history of Fisterra at all, this is supposedly where Saint James came ashore to bring Christianity to the Iberian Peninsula.

Fisterra is a place that is full of myths and legends, not only Christianity, but it was a centre of worship for paganism. For the Romans, Fisterra of course means the end of the Earth. It was believed to be the last point of the Earth, basically before the ocean, and it certainly is a very spectacular place. I found walking along the beach gave me a sense of all of that sort of mystique of the place.

Later in the day, I walked up to the lighthouse. I have to say it was a long drag up and a long drag down. It was very windy when I got up there. Yes, it was a nice view, but for me, the big highlight of Fisterra was walking along the beach, not the lighthouse. I had a lot of knee pain on the final walk down from the lighthouse. I started to wonder if the long day tomorrow (29 kms) was going to be possible.

I was lucky enough to have some accommodation near the harbor in Fisterra and there are some great restaurants down around the harbor, so that was a highlight too. Final day tomorrow but I know a great day on the Camino.

In Finisterre I stayed here:
Very nice rooms and a washing machine and dryer available. And only 100 metres from the harbour and some great places to eat.

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