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Rob’s Journey

Here is a full video summary of my Camino de Santiago Journey in April/May 2015 along the Camino Frances.

This 37 minute video is a compilation from some of the 400+ mini videos that I took during the journey, many of which are on the pages of this Blog.

This video covers the whole 40 day  walk from St Jean Pied de Porte to Santiago de Compostella focussing on 7 themes. The Beginning | The Physical | The Emotional & Spiritual | Places | People | The Final 100 km | Post Camino Reflections |

I hope you enjoy it 🙂


My very sincere thanks must go to Maybelle Anne Yutiamco, who worked tirelessly in the background on a daily basis uploading my videos, editing them, posting pictures and transcribing my thoughts, as I walked.

I did the easy bit.  I just walked 🙂

This final ‘compilation’ work is all hers!  The selection of the themes, which clips to use, the music, the editing…….  I think she did a wonderful job!

So I should give a plug for Maybelle and her team members at Virtual Done Well.




  1. Thank you for this video. It brought back a lot of good memories.

  2. Rob,

    I am planning my Camino for May/June 2017 so really appreciate your blog. If you worked through a company to transport your bag and arrange your accommodation, what company did you use and would you recommend them?

    Great video memory. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Carole. I’ll add to this later when I get home and check. But the main one I used was JacoTrans. They were good. Most accommodation places have the ‘tags’ top attach to your bag. Someone needs to call to tell them of the required pickup. Though some accommodation staff told me not to bother as ‘they come here every day’! You pop the transfer fee in the tag/envelope.

      The other one I used, that seems popular during the ‘last 100′ was Trans Jes and Mochila Express. Again’ their tags will be available most places. These are just tags, not envelopes. You pay the ‘host’ the transfer fee.

      • Thanks for the info, Rob. I will look into all three and figure out my approach. Your blog was just the inspiration I needed to decide to just “do it”. Thank you.

        • JacoTrans in the main one in the early part of the Camino I think. You won’t go wrong using them….
          Buen Camino!

  3. Rob,

    Al Russo from Pennsylvania, USA. Been thinking about this since 27 yrs old; now almost 61. I have been spiritually committed all these years. I am so glad I tapped into Leslie’s Camino news and saw your video. Need to set the mundane in order as you suggested. Following you in this video has sealed my resolve; need to get financially able and maybe I’ll meet you on your next Camino.
    You are correct….the goal is not to just get to Santiago, its………..

    • Hi Al. If this blog inspires just one person to walk their own Camino and as a result help them gain some benefit they are searching for …..then it was worthwhile doing 🙂

      Buen Camino…..

  4. I am walking from LePuy 7th of june. I plan to walk as far as I can for 19 days. I do not have guidebook but need an itenary for my visa application. I am from South Africa Can you please supply a list of 20 stages to SJP as well as distances

    • Hi Retha.

      It will all depend on how far you intend to walk. And I have not walked from Le Puy.

      Just Google Camino Frances and I’m sure you’ll find what you need with maps of the common stages.

  5. Hi Rob, greetings form Uruguay. I’ll be doing the last 115 kms of the camino (from Sarria onwards) for the first time this September and your video has surely inspired me. I found my self all teary eyed hearing you say some things, and would have loved for the video to go on and on and show more! haha. It was very well done.

    I have a question related to rainy days – is there any tip regarding most practical gear, shoes, dampness, next day walk, etc. that you can share? I hope I can be able to record video just like you did. You’ve inspired more than one person for sure, so thank you for your work! All the best back home, Rosita

    • Hi Rosita. Glad you enjoyed the video. Last month I walked from Sarria with my wife Pat. If you look under the 2016 menu you can see our journey.

      Pat started with a video showing all her gear.

      But for your question.

      Assume it will rain some days. You just walk in the rain 🙂

      There are two main types of rain gear. Just personal preference. A poncho that covers you and your pack is probably the most common and cheaper option.

      The other option is a rain jacket and rain pants. If you buy top of the range gortex these can easily be $200 each. But a breathable fabric like gortex keeps you dry, whilst also allows heat out so you don’t get wet inside by condensation.

      As for footwear, we use gortex lined boots. Some people don’t like these as your feet can get quite hot inside. ..

      Welcome to the world of Camino planning and all the gear choices you have to make 🙂

      P.S. if you look at the blog day by day there are many more videos…. not all of the video clips were included in the mini movie, or just short parts of the video clips.

  6. Hi Rob
    Thank you so much for your blog. As my partner and I prepare for our first Camino from SJPdP I am scouring for information to put my mind at peace that this is something we can both do (my partner has an old knee injury, and we have not done as much training as I would have liked).

    Anyway, your insights, honesty and tips have been truly helpful. Thanks again


    • Glad you found it helpful. We’re planning our next one from St Jean, probably not till 2018 though 🙁

      Buen Camino!

  7. Great job on the video. I can’t wait to begin my camino May 1, 2017. It was very helpful! Thank you!

    • Be warned……..the Camino is addictive!

  8. It certainly is addictive!! I’ve done a full Camino mostly alone, from St Jean to Finnesterre and Muxcia every 2 years this’ll be my 3rd one on 24th of April, and I just turned 70!! I Love my ergonomic “Pacer Poles” gentle on the wrists, and saved knees and ankles!!
    THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO, It brought tears sometimes!

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