Rob’s Journey

Here is a full video summary of my Camino de Santiago Journey in April/May 2015 along the Camino Frances.

This 37 minute video is a compilation from some of the 400+ mini videos that I took during the journey, many of which are on the pages of this Blog.

This video covers the whole 40 day  walk from St Jean Pied de Porte to Santiago de Compostella focussing on 7 themes. The Beginning | The Physical | The Emotional & Spiritual | Places | People | The Final 100 km | Post Camino Reflections |

I hope you enjoy it 🙂




My very sincere thanks must go to Maybelle Anne Yutiamco, who worked tirelessly in the background on a daily basis uploading my videos, editing them, posting pictures and transcribing my thoughts, as I walked.

I did the easy bit.  I just walked 🙂

This final ‘compilation’ work is all hers!  The selection of the themes, which clips to use, the music, the editing…….  I think she did a wonderful job!

So I should give a plug for Maybelle and her team members at Virtual Done Well.



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