Day 49 – Penasillas to Rodeiro Videos

by | May 12, 2023 | Camino Invierno to Santiago, Journey, Videos | 2 comments

This was about 21 kilometres. I was starting just east of Penasillas after my little detour the day before and departed from the Hotel Vilaseco at about 8:30. Breakfast was at 8:00, so I thought I should probably get that before I go.

It was a very pleasant walk for the first, probably, 5 or 6 kilometers, and then the weather started to turn worse. There was quite a bit of rain and wind, but the ascent up to Monte Faro was still really good, even though the weather wasn’t great. And as I’m near the top of Monte Faro, the weather started to clear and I could take off my rain gear. From Monte Faro, I followed the ridgeline and for about 7 kilomteres under the wind generators. That was a really pleasant walk along a great track with a gradual decline. And then it seemed to be a bit of an endless walk along back roads to actually get into Rodeiro through a number of very small villages.

There was supposed to be a fount in one of the villages, but I have to say, firstly, I was slightly distracted when I walked around the corner slap bang straight into a big German shepherd and his owner. The lady and I looked at each other and kind of went “Oh, crap”, we scared the living daylights out of each other and then split our sides laughing. Just there was the fount which I totally forgot about, so I didn’t top up with water.

Getting into Rodeiro, I was staying at the hostel Carpinteiras, which is up on the hill at this far end of town. I have to say that was really good. It’s probably some of the best value accommodation I’ve had. It was €29 for a private room with private bathroom and €10 for a really nice menu del dia lunch. Breakfast was thrown in as well, so I thought that was excellent value and the staff were really great. The first floor is actually an albergue. I popped down to that because that’s where the washing machine and dryer were – they’re coin operated. And the albergue looked really nice. It all looked very new. The fit out was 3 rooms with one beds, a sitting area, kitchen area. So, all told, I think that’s a a really good place to stay. So, another good day on the Camino.

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  1. Dave

    Your comment on the good Albergue supports my own findings that Spanish hotels & hostals are generally of a high standard, far better than most other European countries. They are invariably clean, comfortable and very good value for money. The Spanish government grading system for accomodation is quite complex but even one or two star establishments are perfectly satisfactory and would receive at least a three star rating elsewhere.

    • Rob

      Very true. I haven’t found one yet, of any ‘grade’ that I was unhappy with.


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