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Via de la Plata Day 33 – Benavente to Alija.

Today was a fantastic day for walking. We managed to find a GPS track for the Via Verde or Camino Natural, which took us from the outside the albergue in Benavente practically all the way to Alija. And it was a disused railway line. It was perfect walking. It was fantastic scenery all the way and there were some interesting events today because we had the goods from our camino angels from yesterday. We found a picnic area next to one of the old train stations, along the disused railway, so we had a picnic there. Fantastic wine, chorizo, and bread.

And then towards the end of the day, we crossed an old Roman bridge, which had a weir next to it. We stopped there for half an hour and put our feet into the river, which was icy cold. Just what our feet needed at that point in the day, as the previous few kilometers had been along a road. My feet and tendons were getting really sore by then.

Then we stayed at the Municipal Albergue in Alija, and that was really nice. The lady running it was superb. She showed us around and advised what was open in the village.

There were only five of us staying there, and we all knew each other. So that was nice. Great facilities and a very clean albergue. An interesting town. There wasn’t a lot there, but the gas station just up from the albergue had everything that a pilgrim could want. There was a cafe with food, a bar, and a shop, so we went there for lunch and tapas in the evening and for breakfast the next morning. It was a great facility and the staff there were fantastic too. So, another great day on the Via de la Plata.

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  1. Dave

    Looks like those mountains are the Sierra de la Cabrera, and beyond them and higher are the Montes de Leon with highest peak being Teleno at 2185mts / 7000ft above sea level.

    • Rob

      Been looking at those over the last 2 days. The highest have a bit of snow. Another 25 kms North tomorrow, and then we head West over the Montes de Leon at Foncebedon..


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