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VdlP Day 34 – Alija to La Bañeza

The walk today was from Alija to La Bañeza. It was a glorious days walking of about 21 kms.

It was mostly along dirt paths next to a river for most of the day, and we were very lucky that part of the way along we found a village where a bar that was open! rare on the VdlP.

We were able to stop for coffee for the amazing sum, I think, of €1.60. We got a coffee and tapas of tortilla and cake to go with it, and that was delicious. And then it was a completion of the walk into La Bañeza, which was a really nice town. I managed to get myself a private room that evening and we met up later that evening for tapas. There were lots of beer and tapas in the street very close to the Plaza Mayor and we had a wonderful evening. Great tapas, great company, and it was a perfect ending to a great day, another momentous day on the Via de la Plata.

This is where I stayed. Nice private room and bathroom. Great location. They include breakfast, but it started too late for me. So I checked on Google maps for a cafe that might be open early.

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