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VDLP Day 29 – Villanueva de Campean to Zamora

A short day of just over 18 kilometres from Villanueva de Campean to Zamora. In Zamora I will have another rest day because it seems like a nice place to spend some time. It was a good days walk.

There was a little bit of road walking. After leaving Villanueva, we had a light breakfast. It was a short day. We didn’t wanna push it too much and we thought we would take an alternative route through San Marcial just to stop at a cafe there. Well, nothing was open, so it didn’t matter. It was a short day and we just wanted to break up the day. But there was a bit of road walking and then some nice tracks.

Some lovely views looking towards Zamora, but I have to say the last kilometre or so coming into Zamora and people say this a lot…was great!

It’s probably one of the most stunning entries to a town or city on this particular route, the VDLP. You come in and you walk along the side of the river, looking up at the old castle, looking up at the cathedral, and then you cross the Roman bridge into Zamora. What a stunning place it is! To be honest, I prefer Zamora to Salamanca. It’s not as big. It has a smaller town feel, a sort of more friendly feel to it, and all the people walking around seem to be smiling. It has a nice little Plaza Mayor that wasn’t too big but had a few restaurants there. I was really looking forward to actually spending the rest day here. As far as accommodation goes, it seemed to be a little bit more expensive. So, what I did with two other pilgrims, we rented an apartment with two bedrooms and we had that for two days. That went down to be very cost-effective for us. But we’re really looking forward to having a day off in Zamora.

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