Day 30 – Zamora – VdlP Camino Blog & Video

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VDLP Day 30 – Zamora. A rest day!

It is a fairly lazy day of walking around the inner part of the city, hanging out, and having a coffee in the Plaza Mayor. There are an amazing number of old churches in Zamora, and I think we probably looked at 8 or 9 of them and then decided to walk down to the cathedral.

There’s a small fee for going into the cathedral and on the ticket you have a QR code. You can scan that, and you can get commentary on your phone, which is really great to look around the cathedral with. Next to the cathedral is the remains of an old castle from medieval times, which overlooks the river, that was really nice to look around.

I should add the night before, on the evening that we arrived in Zamora, the lady that we were renting the apartment from gave us a list of restaurants and so on that she recommended. She also recommended that there was a really good tapas street just off the Plaza mayor. If you’re going to the Plaza mayor and face the police station, it’s the street just to the right of that. It’s not like Logroño or anything like that, but there’s probably eight or nine really good tapas bars down there. We had a great evening, you know, crawling between the tapas bars. Zamora is a really good place to have a rest day.

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