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VDLP Day 28 – El Cubo to Villanueva de Campean

This was a short day of just over 13 kilometres from El Cubo to Villanueva de Campean. The reason being it was one of those long stages again to go from El Cubo to Zamora, it would be almost 32 kilometres. That’s a little bit beyond me and also the people I was walking with.

So, we decided to break it up to a short day and then follow that with basically a day of 18 kilometres. Technically, it was a very pleasant day walking. We found a great place to stay, an albergue at the end of the day, which had one large dormitory room downstairs, and then it had five or six rooms upstairs. I managed to get one with a single bed, but there were other rooms with two beds, three beds, and so on.

What was really surprising, though, was that suddenly there were 10 or 12 pilgrims staying here and we went to the bar for the menú del día and for the beer in the evening.

And actually for breakfast the next morning, there were pilgrims coming from everywhere and really what had happened is that a lot of the people that we’d been walking with have moved on ahead. So this was another ‘batch’ of faster pilgrims coming up behind us who had started after us but catching us up. It made us wonder what the days ahead were going to be like because suddenly, we’ve got 10 or 12 pilgrims, which on this route is a lot.

That can take up a lot of accommodation. But another great day, we met some new people and it was basically another great day on the VDLP.

We stayed here: Albergue privado Villanueva de Campeán.

You’ll see the reviews are not great. But I thought it was OK. The lady running it was nice. I had a good sleep, and the food at the bar was good. You have to remember that this is a tiny farming village. And the bar doesn’t know how many people might turn up. So choices in food might be limited. Give them a break. 🙂

OK, the downstairs toilet/shower door did not lock, so we put a chair inside against the door when it was in use. And the upstairs toilet seat was loose. Was it a problem. No. I got my washing done, had a good sleep, a good meal and it allowed me to break up a long stage.

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