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VDLP Day 27 – Calzada de Valdunciel to El Cubo. 20.7 kms today.

Well, a lot of people report that this particular day or ‘section’ is not a great one. I didn’t mind it actually.

It was a great walking surface all day. Okay, it was very close to a motorway, the N-630 most of the way, and you also go past one of the local prisons. But the walking surface and the views at least on one side of the path were fairly good. It was just a bit monotonous going along basically a straight path all day long.

And coming into El Cubo, we stayed at a really nice albergue there, which also had private rooms. I managed to get a private room, and my two camino amigos managed to get a room with just four beds in it and again we found a very nice menú del día.

Well, there’s a day that I enjoyed, when a lot of people say “it’s not particularly interesting”, “it wasn’t good day’s walk”. Topped off with a very nice meal at the end of the day and good company.

For me, every day on Camino is a good day! 🙂

We stayed at the Albergue Torre de Sabre, which was the only open place in town at the time. It was OK. They also provide a communal meal, but that was a bit late for us, so we had a nice menu del dia lunch as a bar nearby.

We had lunch here:
And later, a beer here (and breakfast next morning):

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  1. Kevin

    Congratulations on completing that a bit noisy stage to El Cubo! I hope you got a good serving of chicken legs from Filiberto – those legs can carry you to Zamora – if that’s your wish!
    The stage from El Cubo to Zamora is very pleasant, nice surface to walk on and flat, because, well, you are on Meseta.
    When you stop in the bar in Villanueva de Campean try to speak English to the guy running the bar – he will enjoy it a lot (if it’s the same who was there a month ago)
    A tip for the future stage – if you rested well in Zamora, feel strong and can walk from Zamora to Fontanillas de Castro (30 km), you will absolutely love the albergue there. Donativo with home cooked dinner and lovely couple with dog who run the place! Noone is ever dissapointed.
    Buen Camino!


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