3rd of May – Windmills on the Hill

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Walking up to Alto del Perdón

Finally I’m coming to the outskirts of Pamplona and just as I come over, all eyes on the road, I see Alto del Perdón off in the distance. I know that’s the one I’m going over because it’s lined with wind turbines all along the crest.


Alto del Perdon


I now feel a spring in my step as I get out of the city and back on to the open road with my first objective in sight.

I hope the weather is good today because I’d like to spend some time at the top of Alto del Perdónhaving a picnic lunch and reflecting.

It’s amusing who you see on the road, at the last few minutes, I’ve been watching a French couple walking in front of me.

The husband is acting like a beast of burden carrying a rather large pack, whilst his wife carries nothing.

She seems to be berating him every few steps to keep up. Poor bugger.

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  1. Pat

    Look like I’m watching the movie, The Way 🙂

    • Rob

      Everyday feels like it. A unique experience…



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