The Camino Packing List…

I think most first time Camino Pilgrims agonise a bit over their packing list.  I certainly did!

The advice from experienced Pilgrims on this great forum was invaluable: Camino de Santiago Community

Only take what is essential.  Try to take things that have a dual purpose. Take ‘light weight’ versions of things.  You will feel every extra kilogram over the journey!

I made the mistake of rushing out to buy things too early and ended up with a lot of equipment that I didn’t need or that was not appropriate.

But I’m happy with what I have now.   Though I still expect to ‘ditch’ a few things in the early days if they don’t work out to be essential.

Here’s my final list….  No sleeping bag, as I don’t plan to use Albergues (communal hostel type accommodation)

My Packing List

My Packing List

I should explain….

FSO = From the Skin Out.  The total weight being carried including clothing that I am wearing.  Thank you Doug Fitz for explaining this…

It’s generally recommended to keep pack weight below 10% of body weight, so at 5.9% I think I’ll be OK.  Lighter than most ….

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