3rd of May – Beards

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On the Way to Alto del Perdón

So I’m still on my way to Alto del Perdón and looking forward to the next village in a couple of kilometers where I’ll stop for coffee.

This part of the walk is now much more peaceful but well out of Pamplona, and this little gravel track is slowly winding up the hill through pasture, land and forest.

As I wander up this stage of the Camino, I’m pondering a very difficult question.

To grow a beard or not. 

I haven’t actually shaved for a couple of days, through laziness more than anything.

But I’m wondering if I might just stop shaving totally. Perhaps arriving in Santiago with a beard will give me a more authentic Pilgrim feel and look. 🙂

I’ve never actually grown one in my life before, and I’m curious to see what it might look like.

Note.  I still have it 🙂

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  1. Pat

    Pls keep growing a beard, you look like Sean Connery, somebody said. 🙂

    • Rob

      LOL. hopefully it will look better in a week or two…


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