2nd of May – First Full Day

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This was my first full day of walking.  22 kilometers from  Zubiri to Pamplona.  I made it.  The feet held up OK.  So I’ll try to maintain longer distances from now on.

Maybe in a couple of days I can carry all my gear too, instead of sending half forward each day by car. But I’ll take it step by step.  Could be the final straw that broke the tendon so to speak!

Many Pilgrims seem to be taking a rest day here in Pamplona tomorrow.

I want to keep moving.

Walking from Zubiri to Pamplona

I love being on the open road and given that I am carrying a light load compared to most, and took an extra day to get this far, I don’t feel the need to break yet.

Not sure yet where I’ll go tomorrow.

Looks like a bit of a climb up to Alto del Perdon,  so I might aim for a sub 20 km day.  Perhaps Uterga or Obanos.

That will give the chance to detour to see the old church at Eunate that dates back to 13th century.

Zabaldika Church

The nuns at the old Church in Zabaldika today were telling get me not to miss it…

Never stopped in so many fantastic churches.  I like to stop and give thanks for being able to make this journey..

Inside Zabaldika Church

Watch the pics and videos that will start to go up on Monday!  Maybelle will be flat out to post it all.  🙂

Medieval churches, beautiful scenery,  and the ever growing ‘Team Oz’.  There’s more Australians on the Camino than at the Melbourne Cup!

Aussies on the Camino

I’ll let you know where I land up tomorrow.

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  1. Dave

    Rob, I see that the Spanish paradors (state run luxury hotels in historic buildings) offer a big reduction to Camino pilgrims, from €42 a night – just need to show your ‘camino passport’.

    • Rob

      Think it’s A bit more than that Dave…

      Maybe you could post the Link here?

      But I might check one out in Leon…

      P.S. I had a quick look. Indeed ‘from’ 42e

      But Leon is 129e …..

      • Cherie

        Burgos El Cid was wonderful (cathedral view) for €60 in 2013. Then the Parador in Santiago had a 3 day special for pilgrims and it was like living in a museum.

        • Rob

          I might check it out:-)

      • Dave

        Yep, I never seem to be able to find those €42 offers either – its probably one day out of 365 ! Following your progress btw on Michelin 1cm : 4km map #42

        • Rob

          Tonight in legada. Screwed up the booking. Thought this place was in uterga. …

          Never mind. Another Camino lesson learned…

          Might do a big day tomorrow and aim for Estella. Feeling strong enough to walk longer now.

  2. Pat

    Take it easy, don’t push yrself too much.

    • Rob

      Don’t worry. Walking slow and steady. Lots of breaks. Frequent stretches. Icing my heels at every coffee stop.. it’s hard work though. ..

  3. Dave

    I just got back from a week in Seville for the Feria Rob – stunning spectacle, beautiful city & people, 25-30C and sunny.

  4. Linda

    Rob, I read your whole blog so far, and am finding it fascinating. I am planning to walk the camino next year and because of health and age issues also plan to move at a slow place and stay in private rooms. Thanks for sharing all this, I look forward to following your adventures.

    • Rob

      Glad you are finding it useful Linda. I’m enjoying recording it all….

  5. Dan

    Keep ongoing mate. You’re a trooper and a champ mate!. Truly inspirational. Make sure you come home safe mate

    • Rob

      Not sure what I’m going to do with all the footage Dan! Only about half is going on the blog….



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