20th of March – Why Do It?

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Why walk the Camino de Santiago?

Many people have asked me that….   And I often ask myself.  But I never doubt the ‘draw’ of the Camino de Santiago, which is powerful for many Pilgrims to be.

Some walk the Camino for religious reasons.  Some to reflect and deal with issues in their life.

For me it’s a bit of everything.

A chance to ‘unplug‘ from work and the day to day.  Running my own businesses for the last 18 years has left little time to really do that, other than short holidays with my laptop or iPhone within easy reach and frequent checking of emails….

It’s also a chance to totally unwind and reflect.

I’ve heard that it takes 7-10 days of walking on the Camino for that process to really start.  That’s why I chose one of the longer routes to walk.

And discovery.  I’ll walk with an open mind.

It’s the inner journey that attracts me to the Camino just as much as the physical journey.

Hence the ‘title’ of this website.  In Search of SantiagoWho knows what I’ll find along the Way…..or what will find me?

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  1. Dawn

    Hi Rob

    At about 20 minutes into your film you mention a name of a ruck sack a couple is using. I am unable to workout what your call them. Something like Army Hacks??

  2. Oscar

    Hi Rob,

    I’m doing the camino this September! I saw that you attached a patch into your osprey backpack! I also have an osprey and want to attach my own patch! Did you sew it or glue it? Any info would be highly appreciated it! Thanks

    • Rob

      Hi. I glued it. Best to get advice from a hardware store on which glue to use. In case you burn a hole in your pack!

      I used Parfix Gel Bond. Suitable for leather, canvas etc. Maybe you can look it up on the net and try to find a similar one?

    • Rick Crist

      Hi Rob,
      I completed the Camino Francés from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela on July 12th, two days ago.
      Yesterday I took a bus to Finisterre, and tomorrow I plan to take a bus to Muxia for one night, then back to Santiago, leaving there on July 19th, my 64th birthday.

      What I’ve been wanting to share with you is that your videos were a major contributing factor to my successful completion of my Camino.

      I started in St Jean on May19th, so I walk very slow and taking frequent rest days. So, basically I took two months.
      The best advice from my perspective was about taking care of your feet. I followed your advice 100%.
      Because of using the petroleum jelly, and wearing liner socks under my merino wool socks, like you, I did not have a single blister or foot complication of any kind. I would venture to say that my feet are in better condition now than before the Camino.

      That is all because of the information you shared.
      I really learned the benefit of proper footcare for the first time in my life.
      So after taking a bus to Finisterre yesterday, I walked around 18 km around Finisterre.
      My point being that your advice made a huge difference in my Camino.
      So yes, for me the top advice was footcare, from my perspective.

      The other major thing you gave me was basically permission to walk at a natural pace that fit my body, my current weight, my current age, and my own individual health issues/concerns.
      For me the Camino was never a race to the next town as it was for some. For me it was about what gave me the best experience each day. As you had shared the idea that each person walks their own Camino.
      So, I walked alone. I actually discouraged interaction while walking because I had some life issues that needed my attention. I would interact after walking occasionally, but for me I enjoyed the interaction with locals the most.
      Many people had still not released their old stories about who they are. I wanted to keep my focus on why I was there. So I found my interaction with locals very rewarding.
      I will continue to watch your videos and I’ve recommended them to other people considering the Camino.
      Thank you for the great education.
      Rick C.
      Florida, USA

  3. Robo

    So glad to hear your Camino was such a great experience Rick.
    And thank you for the kind feedback.

    It’s always hard for me to share my Camino experiences with those planning their first Camino, as I don’t want to come across as saying “do it this way” or you “need this gear”.

    What works for me may not work for others.

    But if I can share some thoughts and ideas that will encourage others to walk a Camino, or help them have a more rewarding Camino experience, I’m happy.

    Now the ultimate question! When is your next one ?

  4. bev miller

    hi rob! i’m back from the camino and just wanted to say thanks for all your helpful videos, as well as comments on ivan’s blog. i’m the one who had fallen down that bridge in estella and had subsequent problems walking through pain. (i’m peregrin peregrina) it turns out when i got home i discovered i had broken my ankle somewhere along the line! apparently the ligaments and tendons held everything together for a while and finally by the time i reached SDC it was truly broken! so much for powering through- but i really didn’t know, and of course there’s adrenaline. at any rate, i made this video while i’ve been lying around with a boot on while my ankle heals. you are one of the first people i thought of who may enjoy it. because i’m using copyrighted background music i’m keeping it as an “unlisted” youtube link so it has to be shared personally- i’m not 100% sure of the ramifications. feel free to share it should you think anyone else would enjoy it. take care and thanks again for all of your generous help to pilgrims! https://youtu.be/LUhkx6cbWeQ

    • Rob

      So glad to hear you mad it OK. Nice video.



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