Why walk the Camino de Santiago?

Many people have asked me that….   And I often ask myself.  But I never doubt the ‘draw’ of the Camino de Santiago, which is powerful for many Pilgrims to be.

Some walk the Camino for religious reasons.  Some to reflect and deal with issues in their life.

For me it’s a bit of everything.

A chance to ‘unplug‘ from work and the day to day.  Running my own businesses for the last 18 years has left little time to really do that, other than short holidays with my laptop or iPhone within easy reach and frequent checking of emails….

It’s also a chance to totally unwind and reflect.

I’ve heard that it takes 7-10 days of walking on the Camino for that process to really start.  That’s why I chose one of the longer routes to walk.

And discovery.  I’ll walk with an open mind.

It’s the inner journey that attracts me to the Camino just as much as the physical journey.

Hence the ‘title’ of this website.  In Search of SantiagoWho knows what I’ll find along the Way…..or what will find me?

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