2nd of May – Zubiri to Pamplona

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Zubiri to Pamplona

My First ‘Full Distance’ Walking Day


Up to this point I was walking short days so as to preserve my injured heels and ease into the Camino gradually.  I think it takes a few days to get into the Rhythm.  This was about a 22 km day.

Early Start


Renovating the Abbey


Accidents Happen


Team Oz


Zabaldika Church


Ring the Bell


Pamplona Outskirts


Pamplona: Last 2 kilometers


Dinner in Pamplona

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  1. Dave

    Great vids Rob, but the ‘dinner in Pamplona one’ has sound but no vision.

    • Rob

      I get vision on my phone OK. … maybe let the video buffer load….

  2. Pat

    Pamplona seems nice.

    • Rob

      It is. Had some nice pintxos. But lots of people and very busy….



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