2nd of May – Midday

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Been going since 7 this morning, it’s now 20 past 12. Been taking it easy, been through some interesting villages. The way takes you along next to the Rio Ara, stopped for a late breakfast and then arrived in Zabaldika.


Zabaldika Church


There’s an ancient 13th Century Church up on the hill above Zabaldika. I’m just looking down from the hill on which the church stands and most pilgrims would just head down heading to Pamplona and they missed something really awesome. It’s a beautiful little church and the sisters there give you a special pilgrim prayer, they invite you to go into the bell free and ring the bell. It’s a really very special place.


Camino Pilgrim's Prayer


Camino Pilgrim Beatitudes


I’ll head back now into the main Camino, I think I’ll head along these hills and rejoin the main Camino where I can see all the other pilgrims walking in the valley. Up ahead I can see the city of Pamplona, the stop for tonight. It’s probably another 8 kilometers, I would expect. Maybe two and a half or three hours with the pace I’m going. It’s been a really good day.

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  1. Pat

    I love the beatitudes of the Pilgrim 🙂 It is very powerful.

    • Rob

      It’s nice isn’t it? I was very touched to receive it from the nuns.

  2. yaying

    i recalled earlier post’sound of silence’…
    how silence deafening you…you even need to meet your own self.


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