Day 4 – Reflections

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I’m in my Casa Rural this evening, stretched out on the lounge, with my feet up on some pillows, giving my feet a rest. I think I might go out for dinner in about an hour, and then have an early night.


If I wake up early tomorrow as usual, I might actually try an early start. The lady who owns the Casa Rural who I’m told her name is something like Athelia, mentioned that the cafés in the street open at 7 a.m. I did think about starting even earlier but then the next village is Larrasoana (a 5km walk), and I’m not sure what time the cafés there would be open. So it would probably make sense to have breakfast here at 7, before setting out for the day.


So I’ve managed to keep going for four days so far, and I was thinking as I was walking today, how the walk probably changes over time.


People often tell me that you go through phases walking the Camino, the first phase being dealing with the physical elements, then the second phase starting to feel very comfortable with the long walks everyday, and then the final phase when the deep reflection really starts.   (this certainly turned out to be very true….)


I can certainly understand how those phases will occur, but I feel very much in Phase One, currently. My time walking is very much focused on the physical elements of the walk at the moment. I’m trying to care for my feet as best that I can, being very careful about where I step, making sure that I’m eating and drinking sufficiently.


But I feel myself each day better able to cope with the walking.


Tomorrow will be an interesting change, my first walk of any distance. Most people walk 20 to 25 kilometers a day, and tomorrow will be my first shot at 20 kilometers.


So I think I’ll set out really early, and give myself lots of time.


I’ve already booked a hotel in Pamplona, so I don’t need to worry about my bed for the night.


I really can take my time, and make sure that I have lots of breaks, and take care of my feet during this longer day.


I could quite happily fall asleep right now, but I’ll pop out soon for some dinner, and hopefully sleep through the noise of the clock in the village church just at the end of the street.


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  1. Pat

    🙂 nice to hear your feet still ok

    • Rob

      Just….. it takes a lot of care…


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