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12th of May – Walking to Burgos

12th of May – Walking to Burgos

Rob The Traveller

Time for a Break: Journey towards Burgos

The walk all the way from Belorado yesterday was interesting and quite a challenge, but I think it’s taken a real toll on my feet (Achilles Tendons).


2015-05-12 08.10.21


Certainly my heels are much more painful today and the tendons quite sore.


2015-05-11 12.51.32


Talking to other pilgrims last night, they suggested taking a day off in our next stop, which is Burgos.

Most people who walk all the way from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago try to take a day off once a week or at least every 10 days.

I was thinking I might just walk short days rather than take days off, because I was worried I would get bored when I was not walking.

But I think it makes sense to actually give my feet a full day off so that they can recover.

The walk into Burgos should not be too onerous today.




It’s about 16-18 kilometers, I think.

Although the last 8 or 9 kilometers are along roads, which are always a lot more painful on the feet.



One of my online forum friends told me this morning, that there is very good tapas to be found in Burgos.


2015-05-12 14.22.43


I really look forward to finding some of that tonight.


Giving Thanks – A Break in Burgos

The journey into Burgos was fairly uneventful although a little bit painful.

After my long walk of yesterday, I actually managed to develop my first blister.

OK.  only a small one!  So I tried the local treatment using a needle and thread….


2015-05-12 13.09.23


I’m taking a day’s break in Burgos just to allow the body to rest a bit before I continue.

I’m catching up this evening with some of my Camino friends for dinner at a restaurant opposite Burgos Cathedral.


2015-05-12 19.42.46



So I’m taking the opportunity to look around Burgos Cathedral, which is an amazing building. It actually houses the tomb of El Cid.


2015-05-12 19.03.39


2015-05-13 11.49.09


For some reason in my haste to continue my journey is the last couple of days, I haven’t been able to make  my customary visit to a village church each day.

Maybe the blister was a sign to slow down…

But I have made sure this evening in Burgos Cathedral that I paused for a moment to reflect on why I’m undertaking this journey and to give thanks once again for being able to continue.



  1. Don’t miss my message on previous post Rob. Good idea to take a full day off in Burgos, take weight off feet altogether.

  2. Definitely taking a day off. My heels have not recovered from yesterday. … replied via email re the other comment.

  3. Well earned rest Rob! No point in rushing esp as you seem to be really enjoying the experience so take your time and take it all in! Sit back and take it all in for the day! Your legs want the rest even if your head doesn’t!

    • My feet have gone on strike!

      Another good lesson. Don’t let your ego make you do more than you should 🙂

      32 kms with an existing injury was just plain dumb 🙁

      But the good news is…. right outside the hotel in a street full of Tapas bars…..

      Was talking to an American Pilgrim in the lobby whom I have met along the way.

      She said that Pilgrims were being “carried in off the Camino” yesterday due to heat and injury…..

      It’s tough out here guys! No holiday 🙂

      • Well I’m glad you held up.

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