12th of May – The long way to Burgos

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En Route to Burgos

Hostel in Atapeurca


Ultralite Camino Gear


San Juan Albergue news


Roman roads are hard on the feet


View over Burgos

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  1. Michael

    Hey there, I’ve heard you mention sheep’s wool a couple times and as I gathered it’s for blisters but could you possible explain to me or show me on a video how exactly it works and how to put it on. This is just for future reference for when I do my camino. Thanks in advance.

  2. Rob

    You place the sheep’s wool between the hot spot and the sock.

    The will provides a cushion as well as moisturizing effect.

    Don’t use any tape. The wool binds into the sock.

    Use before blister has formed. Do not use on broken skin.

    I added a post on Foot Care. ..

  3. Dave

    Enjoy your rest day Rob.



  1. Foot Care and Blisters on the Camino de Santiago - […] walking to Burgos yesterday, we passed sheep in an enclosure where they had shed a lot of their wool…

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