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13th of May – A Day Off in Burgos

13th of May – A Day Off in Burgos

Rob The Traveller

A Day Off from Walking the Camino Frances

Wake up call in Burgos


Accommodation Location Decisions


That Bar From The Movie


Burgos Breakfast


Burgos Cathedral


  1. Love the top video. What are they doing there?

    • I missed the start. But I think they were carrying a statue of Mary to the church.

      • If you haven’t found out in the meantime, May 13th is the Catholic Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, which is a huge thing to a lot of Roman Catholics, particularly in that part of the world. Of all the various apparitions of Mary, Fatima & Lourdes are probably the best known.A procession with the statue would be part of the celebration.

        • Ah! Hence the procession……

  2. o wow the hand was moving to rang the bell of the clock


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