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by | Mar 28, 2023 | Camino 'Moments', Journey | 5 comments

Today is a day for slowing down and I learned my first Camino lesson yesterday.

I find that when life slows down a bit on Camino and you open your eyes to what’s going on around you, there are many lessons to learn. My lesson yesterday was to slow down and enjoy the journey. The reason I know that was the lesson is that as I was getting close to Castelblanco, I started walking a little bit harder and faster. Really only a bit. But my Achilles tendons started to really hurt. I thought, “OK, I get it. I need to slow down”.  

Day 3 - Guillena to Castilblanco

Day 3 - Guillena to Castilblanco

So today, walking through this beautiful park and seeing these amazing views, I’m just going to walk slow and have plenty of breaks.

If I find a nice spot for lunch, I’ll stretch out for half an hour and have a bit of a picnic. But today I feel like I need to drop a gear and just really slow down and start to enjoy the journey because it’s a long way. I have to keep these feet going for another 950 kms, so going slow is going to help me with that. 

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  1. Kevin

    Love it! ❤️

  2. Kevin

    On the way from Villafranca to Hostal Millenium in Torremejía I clocked 27.51 km – slightly over your 25 km limit, but the path is as flat as a pancake. Not much shade though – your umbrella will be handy! You will find some cubes to sit down on 🙂 Hostal Millenium is a good (and only?) choice in Torremejía for just 25 euro per single room (3 weeks ago). A Spar supermarket is just few steps from the hotel (closed for the siesta at 14, reopens at 18). Some restaurants in town. Have a great Tuesday at the VdlP, Rob!

    • Rob

      There’s actually another one. Albergue Rojo Plata. I stayed there.

      • Kevin

        Sure, I know this place (didn’t know you stay in albergues though). I am glad you liked it and even gave a good Gronze review. I actually updated the name of that albergue two years ago on Google Maps to make it easier to find (see link under my comment).
        Glad to hear you did 27k to Torremejia! Can’t wait for the videos! Enjoy completing the first part of the VdlP in Merida tomorrow!

  3. Chris Thomson

    Hi Rob, I noticed that you were wondering about the white sheep dogs. Of cause there could be a couple of breeds. The Great Pyrenees, the Kuvasz from Hungary, and Maremma from Italy. I think that some people have even been using Maremma dogs to look after Penguins on the Melbourne coast. Thanks for the vlogs. Chris from Sydney.


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