Camino 2022 – It’s Been a Long Time Waiting

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Like many around the World I am itching to get back to the Camino.

But living so far away, in Australia, makes it extra hard.  Our borders are still closed and there is the concern with sitting in a plane for 22+ hours.

But hopefully my 2022 Camino will become a reality.

I’ve been spending my time planning routes, stages, where to stay and of course refining and refining my packing list!  A lot of this you can find on my YouTube Channel.  Robscamino

Of course planning is just for fun. We all know that the ‘best laid plans’ and all that………    But I enjoy the planning process as it makes me research the route and learn more about it.  And of course I have noted some ‘must visit’ and ‘must stay’ locations.

My next Camino will be the VdlP starting in Sevilla.

One of the things taking a bit of focus at the moment is my footwear.  My beloved Salomon boots will have to be retired as medical advice tells me I need to wear lighter footwear.  This is due to a range of lower limb injuries over time.  So I’m currently trialling a couple of trail runners, but without much success!  I may need to try a couple of different shoe types?  This all takes time and money of course, but making the switch to new footwear, and then walking 1,000 kms in it, is not something I want to take any chances with.    I have come to the conclusion that I was really lucky with my footwear on my first 3 Caminos!  They just worked…   The footwear trials continue here.  

Are you planning a 2022 Camino?  Which route?

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