Day 56 – Camino Finisterre – Negreira to Santa Marina – Blog & Video

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Day 2 on the Camino Finisterre / Fisterra. (Day 56 of my journey)

Today was almost 21 kilometres from Negreira to Santa Mariña. I left fairly early out of Negreira as I didn’t want to arrive too late at my accommodation, which was Casa Pepa in Santa Mariña. They had asked me to arrive by 1:00 o’clock. I think they are fairly busy and wanted to make sure that I was going to take up the accommodation that I booked. I actually booked that one on WhatsApp, so it wasn’t a guaranteed booking.

The walk was very pleasant. It was a steady climb out of Negreira for a couple of 100 metres ascent. Then a combination of road walking and walking through forests and nice country lanes altogether very nice. I have to say Casa Pepa was very pleasant. It was a combination bar, albergue and some private rooms that have actually been built along the side of one of the barns. I think it was actually a working farm, but very nice people looking after it and good food. I had a really good night’s sleep ready for the next day. Another great day on the Camino.

This is Casa Pepa. And Yes there are flies! It’s a farm 🙂

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