Day 57 – Santa Marina to O Logoso Videos

by | May 20, 2023 | Camino to Fisterra & Muxia, Journey, Videos | 0 comments

A relatively short day today – 16 1/2 kilometres. The reason I did that was that it was either that or probably a very long stage of more than 30. And as I’m kind of winding down on my Camino, I thought I’d break the next days into two shorter ones. So, today was from Santa Mariña to O Logoso. It was a really interesting walk today. It was a fairly steep climb out of Santa Mariña up onto the top of the hill, which gave a beautiful view out over the surrounding countryside and a reservoir beyond. It was interesting that there was a Guardia Civil car at the top of the hill. I’m not quite sure if they were keeping an eye on pilgrims to make sure they didn’t expire coming up the hill or something else, but it’s always comforting to see the police keeping an eye on pilgrims.

Today had a little bit of a disaster because I think I got a bit overconfident coming down the other side of the hill and didn’t take enough care supporting my knees coming down, using my trekking poles, and I suddenly got an excruciating knee pain. So, my knee pain is back and that troubled me all the way down that hill. Once I was on the flat or going uphill, it was fine. So, I made sure I had a good break at Olveiroa before heading up again to my accommodation at O Logoso.

O Logoso was delightful. It was again a bar, come albergue, come private accommodation. Really nice people, very well organised. There’s quite a few pilgrims staying there, probably about 20, and I had a really nice pilgrims’ menu in the afternoon followed by a siesta. I was rejuvenating, ready for the next day. Another great day on the Camino.

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