Day 46 – Camino Invierno Blog & Video – A Labrada to Montforte de Lemos

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Camino Invierno Day 7 (Day 46 Overall) – A Labrada to Montforte de Lemos

So today was 20 kilometres with a bit of a mix of forest track walking and a little bit of road.

The first 7 1/2 kilometres was out of A Labrada to A Pobra. It started out with a hill of about 200 metres ascent in the rain and the mist, which was really quite nice. I started off at dawn and looking back through the mist, it was really a fantastic view. And then on arriving in A Pobra, I had checked prior if there’s anything open, and then indeed there was a couple of cafes and a little shop open. So, I found a cafe for breakfast, which was really good as I had left A Labrada prior to the pension providing the breakfast. The breakfast At Pension Pacita that morning was a self-served breakfast with I think some coffee in a flask and some bread.

But I didn’t feel I needed that after all the the food yesterday, so I thought I’d walk for a couple of hours before breakfast.  Indeed the cafe in A Pobra was great.  Orange juice, coffee and Tortilla, that was so nice I had two pieces!.

From there it was about 12 1/2 kilometres to Monforte de Lemos, and fairly flat. Although, I noticed on the profile map a little bit of a, let’s call it a bump, halfway, which indeed was quite a climb. But generally, nice tracks through the forests.  And a nice surprise about 5 kilometres out of Monforte as you can see the hill with the Parador on top of it. The last couple of kilometres into Montforte was on roads and fairly uninteresting, but when I got there I found the place that I booked into very easily, which was a really nice and not too expensive hotel on the river. And I found a great lunch.

Once I was in Monforte and had a chance to look around after my lunch and siesta, I went in search not only of snacks for the next day, but more duct tape!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that my shoes have gradually been falling apart from the inside. I’ve been holding them together with duct tape, but my fear is that I’m going to run out of it. But thankfully, a lady in a small grocery store directed me to a small hardware store which had duct tape, which funnily enough is called American tape here. So I’m now armed with more “American tape” to fix my shoes and hopefully, they will keep me going until Santiago.

So, there’s a great end to another good day.  Good day?  No another great day!

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