Day 14 – Aljucen to Alcuescar Videos

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Another lovely day today, walking from Aljucen to Alcuescar. It is about 19 kilometres walking through lovely countrysides. I saw amazing cows walking along these country tracks, and the whole herd of cows were across the track, and it was good to see them.

Really comfortable walking all day and at the end of the day, coming into Alcuescar, I dropped into a very well-known albergue. There were a couple of friends who were staying and I decided, even though I wasn’t staying there (I was staying at a casa rural, which was up on the top of the hill), I wanted to leave a donation to this particular albergue, which I did. And then later in the evening I had a call from one of my pilgrim buddies to say that the hospitalera had said that because I made a donation that I should come back down and join them for dinner, which was really nice. So, I came down for the pilgrim dinner and met everybody who was staying there at the albergue. I kind of regretted staying at the casa rural that day because the albergue was really nice. But more of the issue was that my casa rural was about a kilometer up the hill. So, I went up there to check in, came back down for dinner, went back up after dinner and had to come back down in the morning to rejoin the the Camino. What was really interesting after dinner we went up to watch a little bit of the Semana Santa parade. They were gathering up around the church. They had a parade at 7:00pm, I think it was, and then another at 11:00 PM. I wasn’t going to stay up for that, but it went past my bedroom window, which was awesome. So, another fantastic day on the Via de la Plata.

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