Day 15 – Alcuescar to Valdesalor Videos

by | Apr 8, 2023 | Camino Via de la Plata, Journey, Videos | 0 comments

It’s quite a long day today and as the afternoons are getting quite hot, it was going to be a pre dawn start. It was a great day’s walking though, nice and flat, great scenery. Although it did get start to get quite hot towards the end of the day but given it was quite a long day I went through my routine of relaxing a couple of times throughout the day. I got my feet up and change my socks, and that made a huge difference to the comfort of the feet.

When I finally got to Valdesalor, I had a casa rural booked, which was just through the other end of town, which was a lovely room. The guy who showed me around actually gave me a free beer as well, a really cold beer, which was great. I had a surprising engagement with a rather young flamenco singer walking past my room, a couple of young kids that was quite interesting. Because I was trying to still get rid of this cough, I thought it better to try and get to a pharmacy, so I actually got a taxi into Caceres, which was only 10 kilometres away. It was quite funny. I went to the local bar and asked if it was possible to get a taxi and then somebody said “yeah, you know Jose can come and take you”. And then “who’s got Jose’s number?” Had to go outside and there was a family there who had his number. And then 10 minutes later, he turned up with a lovely taxi. Got me at a pharmacy in Caceres. He said “I know one that’s 24 hours”. So I got some more medication and he came in and got some stuff and then we were back in Caceres, you know, all within about 30 minutes. So that was good. And hopefully that medication will help, finally, to get rid of this cough. But another amazing day on the Via de la Plata.

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