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14th of May – The start of the Meseta – Walking to Hornillos

14th of May – The start of the Meseta – Walking to Hornillos

Rob The Traveller

From Burgos to Hornillos on the Meseta


Today is the first of 3 days crossing the meseta, a high featureless area with little shade.

Thankfully the temperature has dropped a little bit which will make the walk a bit easier.

I look forward to getting out of Burgos, and back into the open countryside.


Walking from Burgos to Hornillos


This morning I’m walking alone, and I think I’ll walk alone for the rest of the day. Today I feel like another day full of reflection, rather than company.

My stop for this evening is Hornillos, where I’ve  managed to secure a bed in a casa rural. I’m expecting to find a very small village, as there only appears to be a casa rural and a couple of albergues in the village.


  1. For some reason… I am not sure why… I am really looking forward to the Meseta portion of the walk. Wishing you happy, peaceful thoughts 🙂

  2. The first day of the Meseta was great. Very peaceful…

  3. Happy Birthday Rob from a fellow Taurian.


    • Thanks John. Another day of reflection on the Meseta. Quite appropriate. ….

    • Belated happy birthday Rob from another Taurian -Stubborn I believe is our best trait Annabel keeps telling me! You will need some of that on some days during this walk I feel.


      • A great trait for walking the Camino! 🙂

        Think you would find this rewarding. … 🙂

  4. oh im marking this date for next year to great you happy birthday sir…but for now belated greetings sir!

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