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by | May 6, 2020 | Videos | 2 comments

I Know, I Know!

There are so many Camino related YouTube channels already!

Do we really need another one?

Maybe not, but I do LOL

Well there are 2 reasons really. (1) I miss the Camino so much and miss talking about the Camino, it gives me a chance to do that. And (2), maybe I can create a channel that’s a bit different?

OK, I might do some gear tips and stuff like that, but that’s all related to the ‘Outer Journey’ as John Brierley calls it.

For me the Camino is more about the ‘Inner Journey’. That’s where the real magic happens.

Don’t worry I’m not a ‘Preacher’. I’m not even that Religious. But for me the most memorable parts of the Camino are in the realms of the Emotional and Spiritual. Not just the Physical ‘outer journey’.

So as well as the ‘normal’ Camino topics, I’ll be touching on these ‘deeper’ topics too.

Hopefully I’ll get to post a weekly video. The first one will go up in a day or two.

Here’s the Channel.

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  1. James M Donaghey

    Hi Rob,

    I’ve really been enjoying your videos. My wife and I did the Camino starting in St. Jean in the fall of 2014 during our 50th year of marriage. I’ve been anxious to do it again and this fall I will. My wife won’t be joining me because in her words “Been there, done that.” Anyway, your videos on doing it alone have inspired me. Of the 490 miles we did just over 400 after caching a bus and/or a taxi in various locations always to catch-up due to our side trips. It was an amazing experience with no injuries not even a blister.
    I’ve done numerous walking and hiking trips over the years and have learned to do the following before I leave:
    • For the Camino, get a 7-week haircut.
    • Get a pedicure.
    • Get a tune up from my chiropractor.
    • Take toenail clippers.
    • Take a small bottle of New Skin in case I feel a hot spot on my feet or toes.

    Why do the Camino for a Second Time?
    1. The physical and planning preparations before leaving.
    2. It’s an Adventure
    3. Relax and enjoy even more of what you’ve done before.
    4. See what you missed the first time.
    5. Use and learn more Spanish.
    6. Meet new like-minded people.
    7. Excellent exercise for one’s mind, body and spirit.
    8. Gastronomy – eat beyond the Peregrino Menu.
    9. Self-Reflection
    10. Go on a quest, A Spiritual Quest a journey that will open doors within you that you never knew existed before you started.
    Una Búsqueda Espiritual

    Kind regards – Jim
    Juneau Alaska

    • Rob

      Sounds great Jim. Enjoy your next one! I’ve just booked my flights for next year.


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