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I Know, I Know!

There are so many Camino related YouTube channels already!

Do we really need another one?

Maybe not, but I do LOL

Well there are 2 reasons really. (1) I miss the Camino so much and miss talking about the Camino, it gives me a chance to do that. And (2), maybe I can create a channel that’s a bit different?

OK, I might do some gear tips and stuff like that, but that’s all related to the ‘Outer Journey’ as John Brierley calls it.

For me the Camino is more about the ‘Inner Journey’. That’s where the real magic happens.

Don’t worry I’m not a ‘Preacher’. I’m not even that Religious. But for me the most memorable parts of the Camino are in the realms of the Emotional and Spiritual. Not just the Physical ‘outer journey’.

So as well as the ‘normal’ Camino topics, I’ll be touching on these ‘deeper’ topics too.

Hopefully I’ll get to post a weekly video. The first one will go up in a day or two.

Here’s the Channel.

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