Nursing my Feet on the VdlP Camino

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Injury, Thoughts and Reflections | 4 comments

Today’s stage on the Via de la Plata, takes me from Castilblanco to Almaden. It’s a distance of about 30 kms, but because of my historical foot problems, I’m going to have to avoid the first 16 km, which is along the side of the busy road. Sixteen km pounding the tarmac will just destroy my Achilles tendons at this early stage of the Camino.  

As a lot of people do, I’m going to jump in a taxi to the gate, to the large farm, the Finca, 16 kms from Castilblanco. I just had a great breakfast in Bar Los Pisos. A wonderful breakfast for under €5; incredible value in this country still. 

Day 4 - Castilblanco to Almaden

So far my feet and tendons are holding up, which is great news. Although there were a few twinges yesterday, I’m taking it very slow, very steady, and really nursing my feet along in these early days. 

I’m really looking forward to today’s walk as there is supposed to be some beautiful countryside and a rather interesting hill towards the end which will be a final heart pumper before arriving at Almaden. 

Day 4 - Castilblanco to Almaden


So today and tomorrow are two quite short stages. That’s intentional just to really ease my body into the whole Camino thing again. Then I’ll start ramping up to my preferred distances of about 20 to 22 km per day. 

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  1. Janet

    Hi Rob,
    Could you tell me where you get off the taxi?

    P.S. (You said: As a lot of people do, I’m going to jump in a taxi to the gate, to the large farm, the Finca, 16 kms from Castilblanco.)

    • Rob

      Yes, that’s where you get off. The gate to the Finca at 16 kms. The taxi driver will know. They drop people there every day.
      Open this link on your phone and point to it on the map.
      The driver will know. You might be able to share the taxi with others.
      I shared mine with three Spanish Pilgrims.
      Our host at the accommodation organised the taxi the night before.

  2. Lawrence Farrell

    I walked the 16km and did not see another pilgrim until I entered the park (I remember thinking what a boring walk, a waste of energy and that I should have taken a taxi). When I got to the last hill I was very tired and the circling birds, heat and memorial marker did not help. But the view was great and dinner was also.

    • Rob

      I couldn’t face that 16 kms road walking so early on the Camino. With bad feet and tendons it could have ended my Camino right there!. The circling birds of prey were a bit unnerving!


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