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Day 3 on the VdlP.  A bit longer today, 18 kms from Guillena to Castilblanco de los Arroyos.

A really hot day on the Camino but beautiful countryside at last. I’m still not really seeing any other Pilgrims. But I did find some interesting footprints in the sand that I think must be other Pilgrims ahead of me.  I felt a bit like Robinson Crusoe looking for signs of life!   I’m wondering how many other Pilgrims I might meet.  If any.

But I’m comfortable to walk alone.  I enjoy the solitude and lack of distraction.  Though at night some company over a meal is nice.

That night I stayed in a great place called Casa Salvador.  I think I paid about 15 Euros for a private room!

There a few places to find food in Castilblanco de los Arroyos.  I ended up having a burger in a bar nearby and the next morning found a nearby bar open for breakfast.  So far so good.


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