Day 39 – Rest Day in Ponferrada

by | May 2, 2023 | Camino Invierno to Santiago, Journey, Videos | 0 comments

I certainly felt the ascent and descent over the Cruz de Ferro in my legs yesterday and actually started to feel the early stages of shin splints coming into Ponferrada. Yikes! So, I was extremely glad to have a rest day. I had to try and resist the temptation to walk all over the city as I knew that my legs and knees really needed a rest. So, I did, I relaxed. I did some shopping for the days ahead, few snacks and things to take with me. I actually managed to book in to see the physio that I saw here in 2015 and I thought it would be good just to check things out to make sure that there weren’t any injuries there that I had to try and monitor but all seemed okay. I absolutely love the physios in Spain, they do a fantastic job. It was a 90-minute session for €40 and the physio treated my knees, my shins, the tendons, and everything. I felt a lot better after it. So that was pretty much my rest day and then just hanging out with pilgrim friends, who I wouldn’t be seeing again because they will be continuing their Camino Frances while I head off over the Invierno. The rest day in Ponferrada really was a rest day.

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