Day 31 – Zamora to Montamarta Videos

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Camino Via de la Plata, Journey, Videos | 0 comments

Today was a fairly short day, 19 kilometres from Zamora to Montamarta. We left fairly early from Zamora and managed to catch breakfast just on the way out of town. On the way out of town it’s pretty much roads for 5 or 6 kilometres and then nice open walking on a good surface for the rest of the day. Nothing particularly notable. Montamarta was a nice little town when we got there, it had a tienda that was open, which is always good. I stayed in a nice casa rural straight opposite the restaurant where we had a very nice menu del dia. You’ll see the menu and the name of the restaurant on the gallery for today. So, another good day on the Via de la Plata.

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