Day 24 – San Pedro to Salamanca – VdlP Camino Blog & Video

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VDLP Day 24 – San Pedro to Salamanca – VdlP Camino Blog & Video

So today wasn’t an overly long day (23.6 kilometres), but circumstances made it seem very long. To begin with, at the Casa Rural in San Pedro, they assured me that they would have breakfast from 7:30. I had read reviews about this Casa Rural that they weren’t very prompt in the morning about breakfast. So, I came down ready to leave at 7:30. There were no lights on, nobody in the kitchen. I hung around for 10 minutes, there’s obviously no one coming and I thought stuff it, I’ll get walking.

The reason I decided to do that was because in Morille, only four kilometres down the road, was a bar, in fact a couple of bars. And I was already later than my normal start time.

Well, you should always have a Plan B and C.

When I got to Morille, there was nothing open. Everything was absolutely shut. So, I had to do a little bit of a re-evaluation. On that day I didn’t have a lot of food with me because there had been no shop available in San Pedro. I had planned on getting breakfast there. I had planned on, as a Plan B, getting breakfast in Morille.

All I had with me was a small bag of nuts and a small chocolate bar. But nevermind. I continued on and the walk was great. Really pleasant! I found out later after talking to someone in Salamanca that there was actually somewhere to get breakfast. I’m stupid! I didn’t look at the map properly. Another 10 kilometres past Morille, just off the Camino 300 meters, is a village called Miranda de Azan that had a bar open. I completely missed the sign somehow but anyway I was resolved to walk the whole day with my bag of nuts. I thought it will do me good. I had a day of not eating too much.

The walk generally was really good. What was amazing was that you could see Salamanca from about 13 kilometres away. It was amazing but also quite demoralising because it never seemed to get much closer. There was a wonderful track for most of the way to Salamanca, really easy good walking. But the last 3 k’s I have to say really dragged on. It seemed to take ages to get through the suburbs of Salamanca.

You kind of go through this rather neglected-looking public park and then through the suburbs, and then finally you come into Salamanca itself. It was a little bit of a struggle the last few k’s, but overall a great day. I was so looking forward to getting to Salamanca because I had a nice hostel room booked very close to the Plaza Mayor. Tomorrow for me, it’s going to be a rest day so there’s a chance to relax and see what Salamanca had to offer.

I stayed at the Hospedium Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, which was a perfect location about 50 metres from the Plaza Mayor.

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