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Day 23 – Fuenterroble to San Pedro. A long day, 28 kms and over a mountain!

It was a fairly early start today out of Fuenterroble. Initially on the road, but after that some wonderful tracks. A long section with a very slight rise going up on an old Roman road that was a beautiful walk. Then you have a couple of options. You can go to the north through Pedrosillo or go south towards San Pedro de Rozados. I decided to go south because I wanted to go over the Pico de la Dueña.

When I first started going up it, I wondered if I’d made the right choice. It was very steep, quite rocky, but it didn’t take that long to get up onto the top of the Pico, probably an hour or so. There was a wonderful view back towards Fuenterroble and to the north over Pedrosillo. It really is worth the view. A lot of wind farms up there or are they wind generators. And then a fairly steep climb back down the other side, I suppose the less enjoyable part of the day, which was then a long road walk up towards San Pedro. Yeah, that was not a lot of fun towards the end of the of the day. And it was pretty hot and on a hot surface.

Getting into San Pedro there was a couple of options for accommodation there. One was a Casa Rural and one an Albergue. They’re opposite to each other. I decided to go for the Casa Rural which has private rooms and they did my laundry. I had a lovely menú del día with a fantastic steak.

So altogether, a great end to another good day on the VDLP.

I stayed at the Casa Rural VII Carreras.

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