Day 25 – Salamanca Videos

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Camino Via de la Plata, Journey, Videos | 3 comments

I absolutely love the center of Salamanca. There’s a wonderful plaza mayor, cafes all around the plaza. You could really just spend your whole time just sitting there, but of course I did a bit of sightseeing, and particularly, took a walk down the road to have a look at the cathedral. I did a bit of sort of admin catch up. I got some laundry done. I went for a haircut and a beard trim. I also got my mobile phone topped up. It was a fairly relaxing day and I caught up with other people who were either coming into Salamanca who were also having a rest day or had dinner with some pilgrims that I’ve met along the way. It was generally a great restful day. Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to just put your feet off, but it was great to have that day off and have a rest and be ready for the days ahead.

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  1. Kevin

    Calzada de Valdunciel to El Cubo de Tierra del Vino, in my opinion is by far the worst stage of VdlP, where you walk for several hours along the busy highway A-66 (not just the national road, but the actual highway). In March I proved to be a bad pilgrim and took a bus from Calzada to El Cubo, where I restarted my walk to Villanueva de Campean. So, nobody is perfect…

    • Rob

      It’s not the best section. But a nice walking surface.

  2. Dave

    Congrats on getting to Salamanca, nearly half way now I guess. Yes that plaza major is a good one, I was there for an evening concert some years back.


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