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VdlP Day 21 – Banos de Montemayor to La Calzada.

A short day today just over 12 kilometres, it’s because of juggling the stages. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a challenge on the VDLP. You have to perhaps have a short day now and get on again on a very long day. I don’t find it easy to walk very long days, so occasionally I have to do a short one.

And there was a group of three of us walking, and one of the group had a really bad knee, so it suited her to have a short day as well. So, what was today like? Well, walking out of Baños was really good. When you look in some of the guidebooks, you might be a little bit afraid that it’s a steep hill for a very long way coming out of Baños. It is very steep, but for less than a kilometer.

After you climb up out of Baños you have a wonderful view back over Baños and the large reservoir beyond it. And then you have a fantastic walk, which has a few hills up and down, but through beautiful countryside and with lots of animals around. And it really was a stunning walk. Then we had decided to stop at La Calzada de Bejar. It was either that although another 8.7 kilometres to Valverde de Valdelacasa.

So, we stopped in La Calzada de Bejar. There is one albergue there and a Casa Rural since both run by a couple who own the local bar. The albergue was okay and I was going to stay there. It’s a little bit tight but to be honest, after a couple of hours, and when other people started to arrive, and a smoker next to me, I thought “what the heck I can pay another €8 and get a private room”.

So, they had some private rooms in the albergue as well. And because I’m such a light sleeper I thought I’d take that option. So that was very comfortable, still shared bathrooms and stuff, but just being able to have a bit of privacy sleeping was really good. We had a snack lunch in the little plaza outside the bar there which was great. And the local bread delivery guy came in while we were there so we got some fresh cakes and doughnuts from him. And there was a menu del día available in the bar as well. So again, another a great day.

We stayed at Alba Hostel – Soraya.  You can see it in the video below.

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  1. Dave

    Following you on a Michelin road map. Banos de Montemajor shown and yes you have just crossed the Western end of the Sierra de Candelario. A 2425mt high mountain was just to the east of Banos. Most of central Spain is 1000mt above sea level so you may not have noticed the mountain.

    • Rob

      It was only a 200-300 metre climb out of Banos over quite a distance, so not too bad.

  2. Kevin

    Proud of you Rob!


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