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Day 19 – Galisteo to Jarilla.  Today was yet another great day on the camino. It was a day where there were a few challenges and a few options. On this section walking between Galisteo and basically Aldeanueva del Camino we have a few challenges because it’s a long stage and we really have to work out how you’re going to break up the stage and where you’re going to stay. One option, for example, is walking about 23 kilometers and then go off the camino to Oliva de Plasencia. That’s one option then you walk back to the camino.

This is an interesting section of the Via De La Plata because it’s one of those challenging days again where potentially you might have to walk a 38K section. But there are a couple of alternatives and people can go off the Camino partway to Oliva de Plasencia or you can walk as far as Arco de Cáparra and get picked up by the local hotel. You have lots of different options. The option that we went for was to walk to Arco de Capra, which I think was close to about 30 kilometres.

Basically, when you get to the Arco de Cáparra there are the remains there of the Roman town. There’s the Roman arch itself and the Information Centre. If you’ve chosen this way to break up this section, you need to book at the Hostales Asturias at Jarrilla. Which is a few kilometers from the Arco de Caparra and they will arrange to pick you up.

I notice a lot of people haven’t given particularly good reviews for this hostel. Well, look, it’s on a main road, it’s a bit of a track stop, but it’s a really nice place to stay. The staff there were great, really looked after us well. We had a fantastic menu del dia. We called them when we arrived at the Arco de Caparra where they came to pick us up. So, it all worked beautifully! The next day was particularly interesting, let me tell you about that on the next day.

I can recommend the Hostales Asturias at Jarrilla.

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