Around Seville – Catedral de Sevilla & Alcázar of Seville

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Camino Via de la Plata, Journey, Places | 3 comments

So, here are a few photographs of the cathedral and the Alcázar, which is the royal palace. So, this morning after my online doctor’s appointment and taking some antibiotics, I went out on a tour that I had pre-booked to look at the cathedral and the Alcazar. It is surprisingly warm for this time of year.  



I thought I had zero energy this morning, but walking around the cathedral with our great guide and the Alcazar later was terrific. But I have to say at the end of 3 hours I felt worn out. Our guide, Theresa, was really helpful because I asked her if I could get a Credencial del Peregrino in the cathedral, and she took me to the cathedral office to get that. And I was able to get my first Camino stamp from the cathedral as well.  



So, the plan for the rest of my transition day is to get something to eat and relax. I have a couple of packages to mail forward and made in one to Ivar in Santiago, which I do not really need until the end of Camino. I have another packet, which I am mailing halfway, which is a top-up of some medical supplies and things like that. And then, hopefully, with a good night’s sleep and some antibiotics, I will have a bit more energy in the morning. I am definitely committed to starting tomorrow rather than trying to rest, but I’ll just be sensible, and I only have 10km to go tomorrow to Santiponce. I will be sensible if I have any problems with heat and with energy levels due to this infection then I will just jump in a taxi, but I just want to get underway.  

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  1. Clare

    My goodness – there you are in Spain, already! (After only a few years in the planning.) Sorry to hear about your illness. I hope/think you will really enjoy this Camino, so be sure to rest and recover as necessary before getting started. It seems better to do the recovery first. (Of course, I understand it is hard to take that sort of advice.)

    I’m looking forward to reading more, but don’t start walking just so we can read about it!

    (I also realize that you are probably well on your way, because there is likely a time lag before the posts.)

    • Rob

      Thank you, Clare! I appreciate your advice and support!
      I’m taking it slow and steady while enjoying every step of my journey.
      Very short days at the start!

    • Rob

      There’s a couple of days lag on the blog Clare. Currently in Monastario…


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