What?  Another Camino!

I finished my Camino de Santiago about 7 weeks ago.

And when I finished, I said that it would be a one-off, never to be repeated event.  Mainly because it was so special, everything that I wished for, and so any other repeat performance could only be a poor comparison.

My wife Pat has now expressed an interest in walking the Camino….

But Pat does not have very strong legs/feet so she would prefer to just walk the final 100 kms from Sarria.  Hmmmm?  I’m actually quite warming to the idea.

Whilst the final 100 kms was not my favourite part, the idea of walking a ‘short’ section with Pat is certainly appealing.  I often joke with her that if we had walked 800 kms together our marriage may not have survived (just joking)

But seriously, I ‘take my hat off’ to the many couples I met walking together.  I found walking alone was tough enough without having to consider the needs of a partner as well.

So we might walk the final bit together in 2016.  Though Pat is also keen to walk the section past the Cruz de Ferro.  So we might do that bit and then jump forward to Sarria.

Watch this space….


Afternote:  If I’m lucky enough to walk again next year, or in the future, my next Camino will be dedicated to my late Father Peter.  It will his Credencial I’ll be stamping along the way, and his name on the Compostella.    I know he was with me at some difficult times on my first Camino.  The next one will be his…

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