20th of May – From El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla

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A Day on the Senda…



More senda

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Chatting to ‘El Ramon’

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  1. Dave

    Make the most of the boring Senda Rob, because after Leon it gets very twisty and hilly. After Astorga, there is a choice of 2 routes to Ponferrada. The one to the left via Rabanal goes over a 1500mt pass and the one to the right via Manzanal goes over 1225mt. The Rabanal route looks shorter and more direct. Between Ponferrada and Sarria you’ve got to get over or through the Cordillera Cantabrica – have fun !

    • Rob

      The Camino follows the route to Rabanal.

      Just made it into Leon. Slow and sore.

      I suspect the latest challenge is ‘shin splints’. A very common injury that can be ‘Camino ending’.

      Hopefully a days rest will work magic.

      • Dave

        Maybe another full day of rest in a week’s time would be good – Sarria, or earlier if necessary ?

        • Rob

          I’m thinking Sarria. Though won’t make it out of Leon if the legs don’t mend

          A healthy dose of Rioja might do the trick!

          • Cherie

            I sure hope your legs allow you to continue after a well deserved rest.

  2. Rob

    I sure hope so too Cherie!

    I might just pop downstairs for a medicinal dose of Tapas and Rioja πŸ™‚

    Been lying here with ice on my shins…

    • Cherie

      Have you had any trouble securing ice for your breaks? How do you ask for it and do you give them a bag to put it in? Do you pay for it? Thanks

      • Rob

        Only refused once… at San Juan.

        My process is.

        Always buy something first.
        When paying, hold up a small zip lock bag and ask for ice, pointing at my foot.

        Ice is pronounced yaylo.

        Lots of please and thank you!

        Offered to pay a few times. Never needed to. Sometimes Left a Tip anyway..

        No problems at all. Other than the well known grumpy guy at San Juan πŸ™‚


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