Pilgrim House in Santiago de Compostella

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Pilgrim House Welcome Center – Santiago

For Pilgrims ending their Camino in Santiago, or indeed just passing through, then Pilgrim House is a welcome little Oasis for you.

At the end of my first Camino I dropped in their to get some laundry done and discovered what a ‘gem’ it is.

Friends of the Pilgrim House

As they say on the website:  The Pilgrim House Welcome Center is a cozy place of welcome, solitude, community, conversation, art, resources, prayer, and reflection. 

They state their three fold mission as:

  1. To serve pilgrims and meet their practical needs.
  2. To provide places where pilgrims can gather together and share stories, maintaining that strong sense of community that forms along the Camino.
  3. To create spaces where pilgrims can reflect on their journeys. We celebrate the uniqueness of everyone’s Camino and welcome all pilgrims.

You can read all about it here:


And you can even support their great work, by becoming a Friend of Pilgrim House.


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