What’s Changed?

Not Much…

I really enjoy looking back on this Blog.  It brings back very clearly the emotions and feelings at the time I was walking.   It’s also valuable to re-read the ‘Post Camino’  Blog posts, as it helps me assess where I was at, and where I thought I was heading…..against where I actually am now.

So what’s changed?  I’ve been home 6 months now.

Not much to be honest.  Those post Camino thoughts and emotions are still very much alive.  These were my thoughts 78 days ago. https://robscamino.com/2015/more-post-camino-reflections/

Even though at the end of the Camino, I felt like I’d had enough and just wanted to get home.  The yearning to be back there didn’t take long to emerge.  And it’s still strong.  Many people warned me that would happen.

I don’t think it’s actually physically walking the Camino that pulls me.  It’s more the emotional state that it creates.  That wonderful feeling of peace and calm.  Of not rushing.  Of not having to be anywhere or meet any deadlines.  To just ‘be’, and enjoy the moment.  I’m not sure the same emotional state could be created by just sitting on a beach somewhere.  In fact for me I know it couldn’t.  I was actually doing that last week in Boracay in the Philippines!

No, the Camino becomes the ‘vehicle’ for these things to happen.  It provides an over riding purpose and a relaxed ‘rhythm of life’ which then allows us to think, appreciate, learn, accept, share, enjoy…..


What Next?

A fear that I had, in walking the Camino alone, was that I would somehow be changed.  And yet those remaining at home would not be changed or indeed not even understand my change.    That could cause problems of course.  And that’s a reality.  It happens.  Be prepared for that, if and when you walk your own Camino.  You will change.

But I hope the changes in me are for the better.  I’m certainly calmer.  Less stressed.  Less worried about the day to day.  Much more accepting of whatever lays ahead.  Almost like the Doris Day song, Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)!   I know this can be irritating for others around me 🙂

I’m still not as Social as I was before.  Not that I was ever a great Socialite!  I enjoy peaceful time alone.  Again, this can leave loved ones wondering ….

Am I happier?  Yes.   And I’ll be happier still as I move towards the Goals I reflected on whilst walking.

  1. Locking in a date to ‘semi’ retire’.  Check.
  2. Locking in another extended holiday with Pat my wife.  Check.
  3. Working on my businesses, to prepare them for others to take over at ‘some time’ in the future.  Check.
  4. Working on losing weight and getting fitter.  Hmmm.  That’s a work in progress 🙂

The Blues are still there a bit though.  I talked about the Post Camino Blues here.


Am I glad I walked the Camino de Santiago?

Heck Yes!

It was without doubt the most inspiring and at times, challenging thing I have done in my life.  And I have done a lot of those I promise you.

It is a truly life changing experience.  If you are even remotely thinking about doing it.  Do it!

I’ve talked to a few people since I returned who are thinking about walking the Camino.  Many Australians know about it.   I envy them.  I envy that intensity of emotion of the first few days walking that will hit them.  I felt like I was walking on air or had landed on another planet in a dream.   I was ‘here’, really here…..    Perhaps subsequent Caminos can be like that too.

I don’t think anything can really prepare you for your first Camino.  Sure you can train and prepare.  But it’s really an emotional journey not a physical one.  And I don’t think anything can prepare you for that.


I mentioned a few times in my videos and Blog Posts whilst walking, that the Camino felt like the beginning of something.  A lesson in life.  Or preparation for my remaining life’s journey.  I need to remember that!   And not just day dream about being back in the middle of Northern Spain, walking through a beautiful landscape to my next Café Con Leche.

I mustn’t squander the lessons. 

Day by day I need to make sure I practice what I learnt along that walk. 

And who knows, maybe, just maybe, the rest of my life can become one long Camino?


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