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My Favourite Camino Videos

There are some great Camino de Santiago videos that other Pilgrims have made and indeed some that inspired me to either walk the Camino or make my own videos. Here’s my own ‘series’: Camino de Santiago Video Series, for the entire version: Rob’s Journey.

But here are some of my ‘must watch’ favourites:


Overlander TV – Camino Documentary  (1hr 15 Mins)

Mark’s Camino video was certainly an inspiring one for me.  Very unassuming and with a typical ‘have a go’ Aussie attitude, he takes on the Camino not really knowing what to expect.

What transpires is a very insightful and honest view of his journey along the Camino Frances from St Jean to Santiago.



David Faddis – Camino de Santiago (3 Mins)

A lively montage of video set to music that gives a great feel of what the Camino is like.


Crossing the Pyrenees – Camino Hyperlapse (3 Mins)

This gives you a great idea of stage 1 on the Camino Frances, St Jean to Roncesvalles.


To the End of the World – Camino Story (35 Mins)

Hanks video is a must watch!  It’s really a love story on two levels…..  And he shares some great Camino insights.


Post Camino Lessons from Steve talking to his Church Group (24 Mins)

Steve recently said :A couple of Sundays ago I gave the message at church about my Camino experience and two lessons learned on these exact topics…..  The ‘lessons’ start at 12:30.


Camino de Santiago – Animated Video Google Earth Map (10 Mins)

A really cool ‘flying’ video of the Camino Frances Route.


To Where God Dwells

OK, this is not a Camino de Santiago video, but it’s another ‘must watch’.    Fr. Johannes M Schwarz walks from Liechtenstein to Jerusalem producing a very professional and highly engaging movie along the way.  There is a small donation to watch it, which goes to charity projects he met along the way.



To Where God Dwells – 5000 Miles to Jerusalem – Trailer from Fr. Johannes M Schwarz on Vimeo.


The Camino de Santiago – A Pilgrim’s Journey (1 Hr 59 Mins)

A really great video from Jamie Nicoll.  It follows a group of 4 across the Camino Frances and gives some very candid views of Albergues, Food and some of the emotional highs and lows of the journey.

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