29th of April – It’s all about the Journey

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The Camino is all about the Journey

It’s interesting how priorities change.

Six months ago, the Camino to me was all about getting time away from work, time to think, time to chill out, and it was all about walking from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago.

But since I injured my ankles and the likelihood of me getting all the way to Santiago was diminishing, I found my priorities were actually changing.

Even before I got to the Camino, my objective was really to enjoy the experience, to enjoy the journey, it was no longer about the destination.

As I set out today on my second day of walking, my major concern is still whether my feet will hold up, and whether I will be able to continue on this journey.

It is absolutely no longer about reaching Santiago and obtaining a Compostela. It’s actually about being on the journey for as long as I can, to experience all aspects of the journey.

And it was interesting yesterday in my discussion with Father Bart over lunch, we talked about the whole experience being the journey and not the destination.

I just hope this journey is as long as I planned it to be and isn’t cut short.

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  1. Pat

    No need to pressure yourself, my love. Just enjoy this journey every minutes while you can.

    • Rob

      I miss you heaps already 🙁

      • Pat

        2 months will go quickly, u don’t have a chance to unwind much, please do so when u can. 🙂 I am not going anywhere, just waiting u here, so don’t worry about me.Love u 🙂

  2. Rob



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