29th of April – Why the Camino

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Why Walk the Camino de Santiago?

During my first day of walking yesterday, it was really interesting talking to some of the other pilgrims and some of the reasons why they were walking the Camino.

Over lunch time, I was talking to Sally from the United States who was walking with her mother, Britney. And Sally was explaining how her father didn’t quite get it, that is, why did she have to go for this long walk in Spain when she could really just walk up the West Coast of the United States and have the same experience.

This is  probably something really difficult for people to understand who aren’t drawn to the Camino or haven’t walked the Camino or aren’t currently walking the Camino.

Even though I’ve only been walking for one day, I get the sense of the uniqueness of this experience.

It’s really nothing to do with just taking a walk, …… at all.

Most pilgrims are somewhat in awe of the experience in terms of the history and spiritual nature of this walk.

Particularly when one considers that pilgrims have been walking this Camino since the 9th Century.

It’s a very special place, and during the walk, you sense that every step of the way.

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